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Art Záldivar is a jazz singer who began his career in the world of Jazz in 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started performing with the Duo de Arturos, a project focused on the music of the late 1920s and 1930s, with bassist Pablo Arturo Odriozola. Later, he joined Jazz Gitano Ensamble, a band specialized in the Manouche style and performed with them in the main Jazz stages of Buenos Aires, as well as in social dance parties and festivals of Lindy Hop.

In 2014, Art traveled to Berlin to perform with the Franco/Canadian band Tcha Badjo and released the album "Via con me" with Jazz Gitano Ensamble. The following year, he went on his first European tour with a project called Delicatessen Swing, performing in various stages in Hamburg, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Zurich, Lucerne, and Paris.

Art continued to explore different styles and formations, forming a trio with guitarist Wilfried Wilde and double bassist Alexandre Touceda, later including saxophonist Toño Otero and drummer Chus Pazos. He also formed a Gypsy Swing trio with guitarist Lucas Chaves and double bassist Franco Grimoldi.


After moving to Madrid in 2018, Art began working with top musicians in the jazz scene, including guitarist Javier Sanchez, violinist Raul Marquez, and trumpeter Yevhen Riechkalov. He also collaborated with acclaimed musicians such as David Ruiz and Gerardo Ramos on bass, and pianists Gabriel Peso, Erika Lopez, and Jorge Vera. Additionally, he worked with saxophonists Guillem Ferrer and Alberto Guio, Laicha, clarinetists Arturo Pueyo and Carmen Vela, and drummers Martin Holland and Cesar de Frias. These collaborations helped Art consolidate his career as a jazz musician and gain recognition in the Madrid music scene.

Art is currently part of projects such as Menil, Swing Machine Orchestra, and Familia Picante. He regularly performs at jazz clubs such as Recoletos and Cafe Central, as well as at various swing festivals and parties, and participates in several jams around the city. He is also producing songs with Roy Borland and has released his two first singles: Some People and Desperdicias, which can be listened to on Spotify.

In addition to his local performances, Art travels the world with an international event band called Knight's Club.



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